The Benefits of Journaling as a Hobby

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Writing, doodling, and sketching have many benefits, each can be enjoyable as well as therapeutic. Even if you have never picked up a journal before, you can start journaling as a hobby and reap benefits immediately. Still, aren’t convinced that journaling is for you?

Read some of my favorite reasons that journaling as a hobby is beneficial and get started reaping the benefits of journaling right away.

The Benefits of Journaling as a Hobby

Gain Perspective

If you make a plan and set up your journaling time for the evening it is a great way to wind down from the day. Going over things that may have bothered you or even improved your mood can help you see things from a different perspective, now that you are removed from the situation.

Play some relaxing music, sit in a comfy chair and jot down some things that cross your mind. Keep in mind that nobody else has to read your journal, it can be the one place that you are really honest about your thoughts and feelings.

Improve Memory/Focus

Studies show that doodling in a notebook and drawing random objects as you would do with bullet journaling, have helped improve focus and increase memory. Grabbing a journal can improve your focus which will help you to retain more information.

Improve Penmanship

Practice makes perfect when it comes to penmanship, especially when Ellie Claire journals are fully equipped with prompts and practice for the perfect penmanship. Learning a new technique or practicing each letter over and over again will improve your penmanship greatly, even when practiced a few minutes each day.

Let It All Out

Just like when you visit a therapist, journaling as a hobby can help you let it all out. Getting all of the troubles or struggles you are going through off of your chest will improve your mood and help you to sort out the days’ stresses while letting them go.

Start Over Each Day

Getting a fresh start each day can be possible once you let it all out and get it into your journal. After spending time each night getting it out, you can give yourself a fresh start each day.

Get Organized

Jotting down your meetings or places you need to be is much easier than storing everything on your to-do list in your head. Use your journal to get organized, it will only improve your life.

Planning out your shopping lists in order of the store you are shopping can save you time and making notes when you have an appointment is a great way to make sure you aren’t late. Having plans written down is helpful when you need something to refer back to in order to recheck a time or item needed.


One of the most beneficial reasons for keeping a journal, in my opinion, is being able to gain perspective during reflection. Removing yourself from a situation and replaying it out in your mind after the fact can help you to see that something you may have made a huge deal about is not even worth another thought. You may start to appreciate your life in a way that you had never thought possible, learning to be grateful for the little things that would have otherwise never been given a second thought.

When shopping for a journal, check out Ellie Claire for journals with beautiful art and inspiring quotes that get the creative energy flowing. Beautiful journals, full of inspiration and art that is sure to help you reap all of these benefits and more from taking up journaling as a hobby.

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