Best Canned Foods for Camping

This list of the best-canned foods for camping shares the best options for foods with a long shelf life that can be picked up at the grocery store.

This list shares tips for meal planning for your next camping trip as well as ideas for emergency food to stock up on for a natural disaster.

Non-perishable foods are good options for your camping food list and they are a great option for emergency supplies for a variety of emergency situations that could arise.

It is always a good idea to be prepared and this list of the best canned foods for camping is a great way to start. Just don’t forget your can opener!

best canned camping foods

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Canned Soup

Whether you are wanting a side dish or a main dish, canned soups are a great option for any time of day. There are so many varieties to choose from which is why canned soup is one of the best-canned foods to stock up on.

Hearty Chicken and Vegetables Soup is an excellent option for camping because it gives campers a hearty meal on the go.

Spicy Sirloin Burger Soup is a great source of protein offering 19 grams and bold flavors including beef, bacon, red pepper, potato, carrots seasoned with jalapeno and cayenne peppers.

Smoked Turkey With White And Wild Rice Soup is packed with smoked turkey, carrots, celery, white rice, and wild rice for a filling satisfying meal.

Beef with Country Vegetables boasts 15 grams of protein with big chunks of beef and hearty veggies like carrots, celery, peas, and potatoes in beef broth.

Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup is a hearty twist on a classic soup. This tasty meal offers bold flavors from chicken meat, vegetables, and enriched egg noodles.

Canned Meat

You can eat plenty of nutritious food while camping and incorporating meat products is an easy way to do it. These canned meats replace fresh meat flawlessly, the only downside is having to choose which one to enjoy tonight.

All Natural Canned Chicken is a shelf-stable meat option for quick camping meals. This canned meat is ready to eat and contains No MSG or other preservatives.

All Natural Canned Beef only contains two ingredients, beef, and salt. This is a simple and preservative-free way to add meat to your camping meal list.

Canned Pulled Pork is perfect for nachos, sandwiches, or a delicious wrap without the hassle of slow-cooking meat all day.

Cooked Canned Ham is a great option for a camping main course or mixed in with fresh vegetables for a delicious salad on the go.

Oven Roasted Canned Turkey offers a delicious way to enjoy sandwiches while camping. Add in some gravy and canned cranberries for a Thanksgiving-Esque leftover sandwich.

Some of these products do not require refrigeration until after opening, so be sure to plan out your camping meal list accordingly.

Canned Fruit

It can be difficult to have fresh foods on hand while camping or planning out meals and stocking up for the future. When fresh produce isn’t an option, canned fruit is a good choice.

Del Monte Pineapple Chunks In 100% Juice is the perfect snack or great when served in addition to the previously mentioned canned ham.

Canned Fruit Cocktail is a great way to satisfy your craving for fresh fruits without having to worry about the shelf life. This mixture contains sweet peaches, juicy pears, plump grapes, succulent pineapples, and scrumptious cherries.

Sliced Bartlett Pears in Heavy Syrup are picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. This sweet treat offers a way to enjoy the satisfying flavor of fresh pears whenever you are craving it.

Lite Apricot Halves make a great tart snack, dessert, or breakfast for your camping trip.

Yellow Cling Peach Halves are great by themselves or served with your favorite cereal.

Canned Fish

While tuna may be the first that comes to mind, there are plenty of varieties of canned fish. No need to get bored with the same old thing, check out these exciting options.

Boneless Kipper Style Herring Fillets offer a unique wild-caught protein-packed seafood snack. The canning process ensures a fresh-tasting product as it is pressured cooked after it’s been sealed in the can.

Canned Mackerel offers a fish similar in size to a large sardine with a very unique flavor profile that is packed with protein.

Natural Catch Tuna Filets are marinated in extra virgin olive oil and are a great source of Omega-3s.

Wild Sardines offer a meaty, and scale-free way to enjoy sardines. These sardines are a Non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and OU Kosher Pareveare snack with a delicious, tender, light smokey flavor.

Chunk Light Tuna is a great way to have a healthy meal on the go. Enjoy the classic combination of mayonnaise and tuna while camping by picking up these mayo packets.

Canned Beans

Eating canned beans is a tradition for many campers. More often than not, it’s the classic food that you usually see in the hands of campers in movies and cartoons. This is because canned beans are the perfect camp food.

Country Style Baked Beans are a classic camping food that is always a hit when enjoyed around the campfire. These baked beans flavored with bacon and brown sugar are perfect for a side dish or served by themselves.

Pork & Beans offers the flavors of sweet and savory beans with delightful bites of pork.

Baby Butter Beans are a gluten-free plant-based option for campers. This versatile bean is popular in southern recipes and is sure to be a great addition to your camping food shopping list.

Spicy Chili Beans are already fully cooked which makes them perfect for making chili. With this spicy flavor added to your chili, you won’t need to worry about packing the hot sauce.

Natural Organic Garbanzo Beans are RIGHT FROM THE FIELD, meaning within 24 hours of harvesting in order to maintain quality and flavor. Great for a vegetarian meal along with black beans, or added to a meaty chili.

Canned Stew

There are many varieties of canned stew and each one offers a ready-to-eat meal that is perfect for camping.

Brunswick Stew with Chicken is an easy way to enjoy this southern dish without the trouble. Great for mixing in a variety of flavors when you get sick of the same old boring camping dishes.

Beef Stew is loaded with hearty chunks of meat and vegetables offering a hearty meal anytime.

Oyster Stew is a traditional New England cuisine that can be enjoyed on the go when canned. This is a great item to add to your camping meal list when you want to switch things up a bit.

Vegetable Stew blend has up to a 25-year shelf life which makes it perfect for stocking up in case of emergencies, survival situations, and camping.

Green Chile Stew comes in a variety of levels of heat, all packed with lots of green chile flavor.

Canned Vegetables

When packing food for a long trip or planning for emergency situations, it can be easy to forget about creating a balanced diet. Adding in these canned vegetables can help to make sure you are getting a good meal when fresh veggies aren’t available.

Fresh Cut Leaf Spinach is another canned vegetable that is enjoyed by itself or brings a variety of soups to the next level by dumping the can in. Spinach offers a variety of vitamins that are essential to a well-balanced diet so this is the perfect canned vegetable to stock up on.

Sweet Gold & White Corn is a great vegetable to have on hand. Great by itself, alongside your favorite canned meat or dumped into a chili, this hearty canned vegetable is worth stocking up on.

Mixed Vegetables are perfect for adding a variety of flavors to your camping meals.

Sliced Carrots are a great snack to enjoy by themselves or eaten alongside your favorite canned meats.

Cut Green Beans are perfect in how they come or sprinkled with salt for soft and savory meal options.

More Canned Foods

When you want an easy meal on a cold night the options below are perfect. The best part is that you can eat them anywhere because there is no need for hot water. That’s why these are some of the best canned foods for camping.

Canned Mac N Cheese can be stored for long periods of time so this is no new concept but being able to just pop a can open and enjoy the cheesy goodness makes this already convenient meal even quicker!

Cheese Ravioli in Tomato Sauce is the perfect comfort food to bring to the campsite. This can easily be heated up on a camp stove and makes a great meal for campers of all ages.

Jumbo Spaghetti and Meatballs are a great way to enjoy pasta dishes soaked in tomato sauce without the convenience of a full kitchen to make it yourself.

Beef Tamales in Chili Sauce offer 6 grams of protein per serving of this classic Latin American delicacy. Select from a variety of flavors like beef, hot n’ spicy beef, and chicken.

Chicken & Dumplings is comfort food at its finest. This canned version is already cooked and ready to eat which makes it a great canned meal idea for your next camping trip.

Canned Snacks for Camping

There are plenty of snacks that are perfect for camping aside from freeze-dried foods. Having a food dehydrator is a great thing for survival prep but it isn’t required if you stock up on the best-canned food. An added bonus to doing things this way is less hassle, you can just click and buy!

Canned Peanut Butter Powder is a better choice than ready-made peanut butter in a jar because the canned versions last much longer. No need to worry about the expiration date for quite some time because this healthy snack boasts a 5-year shelf life. This is one of the best options for stocking up for emergencies because it stays fresh for a long time. Just add water and you can turn this food made with a food dehydrator into a creamy snack.

Coconut Milk is a healthy option for wholesome meals or hot chocolate on the go. This is a great replacement for dairy products and pairs well with most breakfast foods that usually call for fresh milk.

Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix Assortment offers a variety of different types of nuts, dried fruit, and unique flavor blends for an easy snack.

Canned Potato Salad is the best way to get a creamy, ready-to-eat meal that can be enjoyed at room temperature. Thanks to the food storage process you can now enjoy this type of food alongside hot dogs while camping. Serve up the flavors of white potatoes; hearty-sliced and combined with sugar, vinegar, smoky cured bacon, red onion, spice, and parsley.

Spaghetti Sauce or pasta sauces are a great food to stock up according to my own experience with the pandemic. I had a hard time finding the brands I usually purchased but it turns out that this was the best way for me to realize that I wanted to learn how to make sauce from Roma tomatoes. Making your own or stocking up now is the best way to make sure you have enough food in your food storage for when these things disappear off the shelves.

FAQs About the Best Canned Foods for Camping

Why Are Canned Foods Good for Camping?

Canned foods are an easy way to get the best quality food with a long shelf life. There is no need for refrigeration prior to opening and the variety to choose from is impressive. Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy most of the best foods for camping on this list.

What is the best Canned Food to Stockpile?

The best-canned food to stockpile depends on your needs. If you want foods that last a very long time, there are plenty of options. Otherwise, it is a good idea to rotate your stock and take inventory regularly to ensure that nothing exceeds the expiration date before being used.

The following foods have a shelf life of up to 25 years.

What Can I Do With Empty Cans?

While there are plenty of uses for empty cans, I have found a good way to use them in my garden. I made these DIY planters from upcycled tin cans and use them to start my vegetables in the Spring.

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