Best Cyclocross Bike Under $1000

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Riding bikes can be a fun hobby but without the right information, it can be a money pit. Bikes can be pricey and when looking for the best cyclocross bike for under $1000 it is important to know what you are buying. After reading this comprehensive guide for buying cyclocross bikes, you should be well on your way to getting a great deal on a great bike. 

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $1000

Best Mountain Bikes vs Best Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross bikes have many advantages over mountain bikes including putting the rider in a more upright position for riding.

While everyone has their own preference for comfort, this position tends to be more comfortable for some riders. This is especially true on long trail rides as the position puts the rider in a better control position to reach the gears and brakes. Cyclocross bikes are made to move at high speeds, are typically lighter weight than mountain bikes, and usually have skinnier tires. 

Mountain bikes are specifically designed for unpaved surfaces, mountain trails, extreme weather conditions, and overall rough terrain.

Mountain bikes have multiple gears, wider tires, and usually have a steel frame, aluminum frame, or carbon frame. Mountain bikes are designed to handle a beating which is why this is a popular choice for teenage boys. Most mountain bikes can handle a great deal of abuse and still function well for years because they are made solid, often much heavier than other bikes. 

How to Get the Most from Your Price Range 

When trying to find the best bike for a reasonable price it can be difficult to determine where to save money. If you want a versatile bike that would be good for a cyclocross race but want to stay in the price range of under $1000, you will need to select which features you are willing to live without.

In order to get the best cyclocross bike at an affordable price, you will need to determine if you are willing to live without a carbon fork, mechanical disc brakes, or hydraulic disc brakes. You may decide on a Chromoly frame, or a Shimano Claris groupset to save some money. If you want a comfortable ride and are not as concerned with all of the bells and whistles, you can still get the perfect bike for you without breaking the bank.

What’s the Difference Between Mechanical Disc Brakes and Hydraulic Brakes? 

Mechanical disc brakes use cable tension and hydraulic disc brakes use brake fluid. They are both better than rim brakes, otherwise known as caliper brakes, but hydraulic disc brakes are the best, most expensive, and hardest to work on. One of the reasons hydraulic brakes are worth the trouble for some is that they do give you the most stopping power even in mud or water. 

If you are handy or know someone who works on bikes, this may not be an issue for you at all. If that is the case, I would suggest opting for the hydraulic disc brakes. 

The Best Cyclocross Bike Under $1000 May Have to Be Assembled

When buying a bike online there is a good chance that you will have to assemble the bike once it arrives.

If you don’t feel comfortable assembling the bike yourself, I would highly recommend hitting up a reputable bike mechanic or bike shop in your area to do this for you. Lining up the fork and working on the disc brakes can be difficult for someone who isn’t trained to do this kind of thing and it isn’t worth the risk.

If you are trying to save a few bucks on assembly, a good option would be to check out Facebook marketplace or Craigslist for a local bike mechanic. They usually don’t charge very much since there is little overhead working out of their garage and most neighborhood bike mechanics are pretty knowledgeable about a variety of bikes so they should be able to help out at an affordable price.

Get the Best Cyclocross Bike Under $1000

When it comes to budget cyclocross bikes for sale, the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to buy used. Hit up the Facebook marketplace or go on your local craigslist to find the best cyclocross bike for under $1000. When buying used you will see a great selection of cx bikes for less than $1000 that offer carbon fiber, lightweight frames, mudguard mounts, rack mounts, and more for way less than retail. 

Many serious bike riders will trade up for the newer model and ask much less than retail for their used bikes when listing them for sale. This is probably due to wanting to upgrade without waiting for a good deal. Most people probably justify the new purchase by selling fast and trying to recoup just some of the money they have put into their bikes.

More Reasons to Buy Used 

Another perk of buying used is that bike accessories can add up fast and most used bikes come with all of the extras without an additional fee. Plus, the items are already installed and when you buy the bike, you can already see what it will look like with additional accessories. Buying used also allows you to try out the bike and see if the size is right or how comfortable it is, this is not possible when buying new online. Some of our local bike shops in Cedar Rapids allow you to test the bikes before making a purchase but this is usually in the store on a trainer, which can make getting a feel for a new bike hard. 

Shopping the used local market is by far the best way to get a great deal on the best gravel bikes, the best mountain bikes, the best road bikes, the best hybrid bikes, and of course the best cyclocross bikes too. Here in Iowa, bikes are very popular due to our wide selection of trails and the annual eight-day festival known as RAGBRAI or Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. So our local sales groups are full of used bikes at reasonable prices throughout the entire year. 

If your area doesn’t have an abundance of used bikes for sale and you are struggling to find the best option for you, check out my list of to find the Best Cyclocross Bike Under $1000.

What to Look Out for When Buying Used

The most important thing you can do when buying a used bike is to take it for a test ride. Get a feel for the bike and while you are testing it out be sure to try all of the gears. One of the most common problems I have come across on the used bike market is gears that slip on occasion and many times I have found that the shifter isn’t even connected. 

Do not assume that the measurements are correct, it seems a lot of people do not know how to properly measure a bike. Many times I see bikes listed incorrectly and this makes it hard to find a good deal on a specific bike. When searching for a specific size or model, if a bike is listed incorrectly, it will not show up in your search. Broaden your search to include all bikes instead of just the type you are hoping to buy. Type the word bike into the search rather than typing cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, or hybrid bikes. 

Ask the owner for the original paperwork and if that is not included be sure to look up the bike to get as much information as you can before making the purchase. Be sure to do as much research as you can before meeting with the seller so that they aren’t waiting on you to look things up while in their driveway. This doesn’t mean you should rush to make this decision but coming prepared is always appreciated and it may help you talk the price down a bit depending on what you find out through research. 

Check the frame, if it is carbon be sure to look for any cracks, these could be hard to spot so be sure to meet up in the daytime so you will have plenty of light. This way you can give the bike a good inspection. 

Tips for Buying a Used Bike on Facebook Marketplace 

When searching for the type of bike you want to buy, be sure to broaden the price range as some bikes will not pop up if the seller incorrectly inputs the price. Many sellers will list multiple items at a time and usually add in a price like $1,234. If this is the case and you are searching for the best cyclocross bike for under $1000, you will not see this listing. 

Always keep the best records you can of the purchase with screenshots of the messages between you and the seller. People can delete their listings after a sale but if you have screenshot proof, this can make it easier if the bike were to turn up stolen. If stolen bikes are a big problem in your area it may be best to ask the seller if you could call the serial number to the police department and check to see if it is stolen. This may deter some sellers but if you suspect the bike is stolen, this will scare off most bike thieves and save you the trouble of purchasing a stolen bike. 

It never hurts to offer a little less so you can feel like you got a good deal. If the listing doesn’t mention that they are firm on the price, you can offer what you feel comfortable paying and the seller may jump on it. Sometimes that old saying is true “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” and the seller may just want to get rid of the bike.

Selling online can be exhausting because many people like to text back and forth for days and usually they aren’t serious buyers so sellers can get fed up pretty quickly. Your offer may sound better than dealing with ten more people in order to make a sale and your money is guaranteed now, so don’t be afraid to haggle. When buying the best cyclocross bike for under $1000 on the used market, the results will include many more high-end options than when buying new ones. 

What is the Best Cyclocross Bike for Under $1000?

Raleigh Amelia 2

The Raleigh Amelia 2 boasts the ability to go to where most bikes can’t. If you are a fan of riding on gravel, this may be the best bike for you. Especially if you have been looking for a gravel bike in the past few years, they are very difficult to find. Many manufacturers are backed up with requests and not able to fill orders quickly. This has also impacted the used bike market, those who are selling gravel bikes are asking top dollar and those seeking gravel bikes are willing to pay it. If you want to buy a decent bike that will have you hitting the gravel before you know it, this is the bike for you. 

  • Brakes- The Raleigh Amelia 2 comes equipped with Tektro Lyra Mechanical Disc, 160mm Rotors.
  • Shifters- The Raleigh Amelia 2 comes equipped with Shimano Sora ST-3000, 9 Speed shifters.
  • Handlebars- The Raleigh Amelia 2 comes equipped with Raleigh 200 series 31.8 with 12 Degree Flare, 38/40/42/44.
  • Saddle- The Raleigh Amelia 2 comes equipped with a Raleigh Woman’s Series Saddle with Chromo Rail.
  • Front Derailleur- The Raleigh Amelia 2 comes equipped with Shimano Sora FD-3000.
  • Rear Derailleur- The Raleigh Amelia 2 comes equipped with Shimano Sora RD-3000, 9 Speed.

Learn more about the Raleigh Amelia 2. 

Marin Nicasio

If you are looking for a steel frame bike that handles long distances and all-weather pavement, the Marin Nicasio may be right for you. This bike serves up that old-school biking look while offering modern upgrades to give you what you want for an affordable price. When it comes to safety, the Marin Nicasio is delivering the goods with disc brakes that require minimal maintenance and lots of stopping power in all conditions. 

  • Brakes- The Marin Nicasio comes equipped with Promax Render R Road Mechanical Disc, 160mm Rotor.
  • Shifters- The Marin Nicasio comes equipped with Shimano Claris 2×8-Speed.
  • Handlebars- The Marin Nicasio comes equipped with Marin Butted Alloy, Compact 12º Flared Drop.
  • Saddle- The Marin Nicasio comes equipped with Marin Beyond Road Concept.
  • Front Derailleur- The Marin Nicasio comes equipped with Shimano Claris. 
  • Rear Derailleur- The Marin Nicasio comes equipped with Shimano Claris 8-Speed.

Learn more about the Marin Nicasio

Tommaso Sentiero Disc

The Tommaso Sentiero Disc combines a steel fork with a durable aluminum compact frame. This bike is designed for those riders who demand comfort from a rugged bike but don’t want to spend more than $1000. Coming in just under the one thousand dollar mark, this bike is well worth the money if you plan on taking long trips. You will be glad you chose a more comfortable style when traveling for many hours at a time. 

  • Brakes- The Tommaso Sentiero Disc comes equipped with Mechanical Disc Brakes.
  • Shifters- The Tommaso Sentiero Disc comes equipped with Shimano Claris R2000.
  • Handlebars- The Tommaso Sentiero Disc comes equipped with Tommaso Ultralight Sport Series.
  • Saddle- The Tommaso Sentiero Disc comes equipped with a WTB Volt saddle. 
  • Front Derailleur- The Tommaso Sentiero Disc comes equipped with Shimano Claris R2000 3 Speed.
  • Rear Derailleur- The Tommaso Sentiero Disc comes equipped with Shimano Claris R2000 8 Speed.

Learn more about the Tommaso Sentiero Disc

Diamondback Haanjo 1

The Diamondback Haanjo 1 boasts a comfortable ride even during long rides on rough terrain. The flat bars offer a more upright seating position which can heighten visibility when hitting the trails. Many reviewers of this bike claim that it takes steep hills like a champ and is fairly lightweight. The omission of the front derailer on this 1×9-speed Shimano drivetrain keeps shifting simple and lets you focus on the adventure rather than the shifting. 

  • Brakes- Diamondback Haanjo 1 comes equipped with Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc, w/160mm Front / 140mm Rear Rotor brakes.
  • Shifters- Diamondback Haanjo 1 comes equipped with Shimano Acera M3000, 9 Speed shifters. 
  • Handlebars- Diamondback Haanjo 1 comes equipped with DB Flat Bar, 640mm Wide, 31.8mm Bar Bore handlebars. 
  • Saddle- Diamondback Haanjo 1 comes equipped with a Diamondback Performance Gravel Road saddle. 
  • Front Derailleur- N/A
  • Rear Derailleur- Diamondback Haanjo 1 comes equipped with Shimano Acera RD-T3000, 9 Speed, SGS.

Learn more about the Diamondback Haanjo 1

What is the Best Cyclocross Bike Under $1000? 

Surly Cross-Check

When you are looking for a rugged bike that can pretty much do it all, your best choice is the Surly Cross-Check. This cyclocross bike is known as the gravel crusher and has been around way before most of us have ever heard the term gravel bike. Check out the features of this bike below and see why this is my favorite pick for a reasonably priced cyclocross bike. This is not only in my opinion, the best cyclocross bike for Under $1000 but it is a great bike even if it weren’t so affordable. 

  • Brakes– The Surly Cross-Check comes equipped with Tektro M730 brakes. 
  • Shifters- This Surly Cross-Check has Microshift Acolyte Xpress shifters. 
  • Handlebars- The Surly Cross-Check has Dimension Mountain handlebars
  • Saddle- The Surly Cross-Check comes with a WTB Volt 142 saddle. 
  • Front Derailleur– N/A
  • Rear Derailleur– Microshift RD-M5185M

Learn more about the Surly Cross-Check

Beginner Tips for Buying the Right Bike for You

Before investing in a new bike it is best to know exactly which kind of bike you want. To narrow down which bike would be best for you the first question you need to ask yourself is where will you be riding? Will the path be paved or unpaved? If you are in search of a bike for competitive races or long-distance rides with friends, knowing exactly what type of bike you need is essential.

The most popular bike for RAGBRAI is a road bike due to its lightweight frame and powerful performance. When searching for the best road bikes it is important to purchase one with high-quality components and a wide range of gears. The bike’s weight is another important factor when shopping for a road bike. 

When riding gravel roads and rugged terrain, you will want to be sure to buy a bike with wide tires. This is also a good choice for dirt roads and hilly terrain. The wide tires will slow you down in certain situations but they will also keep you up on two wheels in others. Even the best road bike on the market won’t be able to handle rugged terrain, these bikes are just not designed for this kind of thing. 

Gear that Cyclocross Bike Riders Will Love

After picking up a deal on the best cyclocross bike for under $1000, treat yourself to some fun biking gear. 

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