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Taking a family vacation can get very expensive but with careful planning and plenty of research, it doesn’t have to be. After taking a road trip and spending money on all of the wrong things, I am sharing my tips for ways to save money on Branson, Missouri Attractions.

When planning a trip to Branson, Missouri it can get pretty overwhelming because there are so many places to visit, which means a lot of choices to make. When faced with so many fun activities it can be difficult to choose which of the Branson, Missouri attractions are worth checking out and which ones you should probably skip.

When planning my recent trip to Missouri, I tried to pack in as much fun as I could, knowing that it may be a long time before we head back. I planned things all over the state and selected a hotel based on the location that would work best for our entire trip.

We visited places all over the state but without a doubt, the most fun we had was in Branson. There were so many great Branson Missouri Attractions on our to-do list that we spent quite a big portion of our time trying a bit of everything. Which is how we figured out what the best Branson, Missouri Attractions are and which ones you need to skip!

Skip the Titanic Museum

My family has always enjoyed everything Titanic, and when I say my family I mean my daughter and I drag my husband to these exhibits as often as we can. When we were in Colorado, we visited the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver. Molly Brown is better known as The Unsinkable Molly Brown, due to being a survivor of the famous sinking ship.

Kathy Bates portrayed the wealthy socialite in the movie Titanic. Her home was beautiful and we learned a lot of fun facts about Molly Brown’s personal life, before and after the Titanic.

While in Dubuque, Iowa we visited a traveling Titanic Exhibit at the National Mississippi River Museum. It was only a small portion of the museum but they packed a lot of artifacts and information into that area and only asked for a small upcharge on the price of regular admission.

Unfortunately, this what not the case at the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri. While the outside of the building was impressive, the inside left much to be desired for the $100 cost of admission for my family of three. In the defense of this museum I must say that due to our interest in the Titanic, we already knew so many facts and visited with so many of the items rescued from the wreckage.

The inside of the Titanic Museum was very small and did not offer much for the high price tag. Most of the exhibits are roped off due to COVID-19 restrictions and what was left to visit, can be experienced elsewhere for less.

Take the Ferris Wheel, Not the Chopper

I have always enjoyed helicopter rides, so when I found out that I could take a ride while in Branson, I was super excited. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that the helicopter rides were not all that they were cracked up to be.

While you can get a ride for as little as $35, it won’t last long and you may have to wait for other fares to arrive in order for the helicopter ride to begin. Even if you book the $150 ride, it will not last much longer than 20 minutes and you will still have to wait for them to fill the chopper before take off.

The Branson Ferris Wheel on the other hand will not only take you up high enough to see the sights but it only costs $10 a person. Plus, you have the option to ride it twice, at no additional cost.

Buy One Pass for 3 Parks

Instead of heading to a mini-golf course, then to a go-kart track, and then back to laser tag, do it all for one low cost at The Track Family Fun Parks Track. This has to be the best deal in Branson! My family spent hours at three different parks for less than $100. We rode bumper cars, bumper boats, several different go-karts, played mini-golf, and laser tag.

Free Things to do in Branson, Missouri

While driving down the main strip, we stopped at the Branson Celebrity Car Museum parking lot for some free entertainment. There were about 10 cars outside, free of charge to look at, and take pictures with, if you desire. I snapped this shot of the stars from the movie Cars, got a shot of the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo, and even spotted General Lee right down the road at Dixie Outfitters.

I am sure there are tons more on the inside but it’s nice to get a freebie once in a while, and this is a great way to save some while seeing what Branson has to offer.

Great Deal on Food in Branson, Missouri

Eating out is usually our biggest expense while on vacation. This is usually due to the fact that we don’t even think about dieting or what’s healthy to eat, if we see it and like the way it looks, we order it. Sometimes we order three or four of it, depending on what it is. While we were in Branson we stayed true to our vacation eating habits and headed to a place called Cakes n Creams.

I was pulled in by the fifties diner setting and the menu was full of those delicious foods that we indulge in while on vacation. There was no need to order extras here because the portions were generous and the food was filling. I was happy with the overall value that we received here and the food really hit the spot.

We spent less than $10 a person and received drinks, sides, and a delicious burger each. We all enjoyed it and the atmosphere alone was worth checking this place out while in Branson, Missouri.

Are you planning a trip and trying to see which Bransons, Missouri Attractions should make the cut? I hope this post helped you save some money on your trip and please share this post on your favorite social media so others can save on their trips as well.



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