How to Start Working Out, No Matter How Lazy You Feel

How to Start Working Out

There have been many times in my life when I have decided to start working out, getting into shape, only to eventually give up and go back to my normal routine that does not include regular exercise. I can also recall many times that I have thought about getting back to it and working out … Read more

3 Common Threats to Relationships & How to Eliminate them


Does your relationship suffer from these 3 Common Threats? Find out now and begin the journey to eliminate them before they become toxic. Too Busy Everyone gets busy from time to time, we all have a heavy workload from time to time. This is a normal part of life and everyone should be given allowances … Read more

7 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Spouse Each Day

connect with your spouse

Sometimes we allow our lives to get so busy that we often push aside the important things that keep our relationships going strong, like connecting with our spouses. Finding the time each day to connect with your spouse should be a priority as it is an essential part of any healthy relationship. These 7 Simple Ways … Read more

How to Not Lose Yourself in Your Marriage

How to Not Lose Yourself in Your Marriage

When trying to please your husband and be the perfect wife or when trying to please your wife and be the perfect husband, it can be hard to not lose sight of yourself. It is really easy to put your own needs and wants aside when trying to please everyone else but it can be … Read more

5 Essential Factors for a Happy Marriage

happy marriage

In order to enjoy a truly happy marriage, you need to work at it. Working on your marriage is an essential part of having a healthy relationship. When you apply these 5 Essential Factors for a Happy Marriage you are sure to improve the quality of your relationship and keep your marriage a happy one. … Read more