Easy Grape Pops – Concord Grape Popsicles

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I love discovering creative ways to utilize the abundance of Concord grapes from my garden, and these delightful grape popsicles have become my latest favorite.

Crafting these homemade popsicles with freshly squeezed grape juice elevates the flavor to a whole new level. Working with nature’s candy, Concord grapes, truly makes this popsicle recipe a delightful surprise that the whole family will love.

There’s nothing quite like fresh fruit popsicles to beat the heat on a scorching day. Once you try this delightful recipe, you’ll likely find yourself convinced that Concord grapes reign supreme as the perfect choice for popsicles.

In my opinion, there’s no better fruit than Concord grapes for making delicious homemade popsicles.

Ingredients Needed to Make Popsicles from Grapes

Ever since I learned how to grow concord grapes in my backyard I have been trying new recipes that use concord grapes.

As I mentioned earlier, this one is my favorite because these homemade popsicles are bursting with fruit flavor but there is another reason that this delicious frozen treat is a family favorite.

They are so easy to make and only require one ingredient!

Grapes are the only ingredient you will need to make these pops. Although if you do not have these grape vines in your yard you can buy Concord Grapes at the store for a limited time.

If you miss this small window of opportunity to get these grapes while they are in season, you can pick up grape juice to enjoy the flavors of this refreshing snack.

Concord Grape Popsicles

How to Make Concord Grape Juice

The simplest method for making juice from Concord grapes is to use a juicer. I like this juicer because it makes quick work of everything I attempt to juice and it is really easy to clean.

Don’t have a juicer?

No worries, you can also blend Concord grapes to make grape juice but I would recommend using a high-speed blender such as the blender I use because there are seeds in Concord Grapes.

You will need to make sure that the blender is actually breaking these down otherwise you will have a surprise in your juice.

Keep in mind that this method will also create a bit of a different texture than juicing, you will have some skins which give the popsicles a bit more of a natural feel.

However, if you prefer a smoother and more uniform texture, you can strain the puree before pouring it into the popsicle molds to remove any larger bits of skin. This will result in a more traditional popsicle consistency while still maintaining the natural flavors.

You could also just pick up a bottle of this grape juice to really simplify the process.

Grape Pops

How to Make Popsicles from Grapes

Grab your favorite popsicle molds and divide the juice among them. Pop them in the freezer for about 4-6 hours.

When it’s time to enjoy your popsicles, run the molds under hot water briefly to help them pop out.

If you want popsicles now and do not want to wait hours to enjoy them, you are going to love this product that I recently stumbled upon. It’s called the ZOKU Triple Quick Pop Maker and it makes homemade popsicles in minutes!

I can confidently assure you that you’ve never savored popsicles as fresh as the ones I effortlessly crafted in just minutes using this incredible machine.

From hand-picking the grapes to juicing them, I transformed the fruit into delectable popsicles that delighted my entire family—all accomplished in under ten minutes.

It’s the epitome of a true garden-to-table experience.

Concord Grape Popsicles

How to Make Popsicles from Grape Juice

If you pick up a bottle of Welch’s grape juice you can easily make popsicles without harvesting your own grapes.

Just pour the juice into the popsicle molds and freeze as you would with juice that you got from your own fruit.

Concord Grape Popsicles

Fruit Juice Popsicle Flavor Ideas

There are a variety of flavor combinations that will undoubtedly elevate your popsicles to new heights of deliciousness.

Let me share some of my favorite ways to blend grapes with other fruits:

  1. Strawberry Grape Fusion: The sweetness of strawberries perfectly complements the rich flavor of Concord grapes, creating a delightful burst of summer goodness in each popsicle.
  2. Mango Grape Delight: Juicy mangoes combined with succulent grapes offer a tropical twist that will transport your taste buds to an exotic paradise.
  3. Pineapple Grape Surprise: Tangy pineapple harmonizes with the sweet essence of grapes, delivering a refreshing and surprising taste sensation.
  4. Raspberry Grape Medley: Raspberries’ tartness beautifully balances the sweetness of grapes, resulting in a harmonious and delectable popsicle experience.
  5. Blueberry Grape Bliss: Indulge in the antioxidant-rich combination of blueberries and grapes, a truly blissful treat that’s both luscious and nutritious.

Experimenting with these fruit pairings will open up a world of delightful possibilities for your homemade popsicles.

Get creative and enjoy the journey of crafting unique and flavorful frozen treats!

How to Grow Concord Grapes in Your Backyard

Once you learn how to grow Concord grapes in your backyard you can experiment with a variety of delicious recipes using grapes, a world of culinary experimentation with these delightful fruits opens up.

From savory dishes to sweet treats, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of which, these grape pops are so irresistibly good that I’m seriously considering making a large batch to freeze and enjoy all year round. This way I can savor the refreshing taste of Concord grape popsicles, no matter the season.

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Grape Pops - Concord Grape Popsicles

Concord Grape Popsicles


  • Concord Grapes


  1. The first step is to remove the concord grapes from the vine and juice them in a juicer.
  2. Then pour the juice into popsicle molds and freeze for about 4-6 hours. Or in minutes using the popsicle machine linked to in this post.
  3. Alternatively, you can blend the grapes but keep in mind that you will be left with a different texture unless you use a fine mesh strainer to separate the juice from the skins and seeds.
  4. You could also buy a bottle of grape juice and pour it into molds to save time but fresh grapes are best!
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