7 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Spouse Each Day

Sometimes we allow our lives to get so busy that we often push aside the important things that keep our relationships going strong, like connecting with our spouses. Finding the time each day to connect with your spouse should be a priority as it is an essential part of any healthy relationship.

These 7 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Spouse Each Day are easy ways to encourage conversation and help to keep your marital bond strong.

Go for a Bike Ride or Walk

Getting a little exercise is not just good for your body, it is good for your soul. Adding your spouse into the mix is a great way to do something positive for yourself and for your relationship. Going for a walk each day or going for a bike ride is a simple thing to add to your daily routine.

Texting throughout the Day

Staying in touch whenever you get a quick second to say I love you or let your spouse know that you are thinking of them is a proven method for connecting with your spouse when you don’t have a lot of time. Being able to go back and read a text from earlier can be twice as effective.  Your spouse may have sent you a text in the morning to tell you that they love you but they still feel that way in the evening so looking back is a good way to keep your spirits up.

Writing Notes

It can be easy to be held back by the idea that you aren’t the “writing type” but even the simplest notes can make your spouse feel connected to you throughout the day. Leaving a notebook in a common area is an easy way to encourage a quick note to your spouse, even if it just says that you love them or miss them. Make it a habit and leave notes every day or even a cute drawing or sharing a memory that will make your spouse smile.

Winding Down Together

Sometimes work can get us into a bad mood or make it hard to bond with our spouse. We all are guilty of letting the hard day get the best of us and unfortunately, this can lead to taking things out on our spouses. It can help to find time each day to talk about your day or just forget it all and watch some television together while letting the stresses of the day melt away.

Having a Meaningful Dinner Together

It may seem obvious to eat dinner with your spouse but sometimes when we get busy we tend to check out, even if we are physically present, we are far far away. Using mealtime to discuss the day’s events is a simple change to make because you are going to be eating anyway, use the time wisely.

Catch up on Current Events Together

It seems that politics is a great way to divide everyone but it can also be a great way to bond people as well. Sharing a passion for certain political topics is a great way to bond with each other. Depending on your level of interest in current events, you may even become active in your community together to make real change happen.

Play  a Game

Sharing a laugh and enjoying a relaxing game together with your spouse can help relieve the tension from even the most stressful of days. If you don’t have time to sit down together to play a full game look into getting an app on each of your phones that allows you to take turns throughout the day when you have a minute. Some of my favorites are Words With Friends and DrawSomething, the possibilities are endless, find something you both can enjoy.

Finding time each day to connect with your spouse should be at the top of your priorities. These 7 simple ways to connect with your spouse each day can make a much needed positive change in your relationship, today.

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