Scenery to Cure Cabin Fever

I have been excited about the Summer trips my family had planned for over a year and now that it looks like we may not get to enjoy those road trips, I am starting to get kind of bummed about it. Whenever the weather starts to get nice, I like to spend as much time enjoying the scenery and getting over my cabin fever. It seems like this year is even worse because we have all been spending more time in the house than normal and the hope of traveling this Summer is almost gone. Even when things start to get back to whatever the new normal they will get back to, it will be hard to make travel plans on such short notice.

This year we were planning on exploring Wisconsin and I was most excited about all of the scenery they have to offer. Since that may not be going down as we had planned, I have decided to share some of my favorite photos of waterfalls, canyons, mountains, lakes, bridges, and other scenery. These photos are all of the places that I have had the great pleasure of photographing during the previous road trips and I hope you will get a chance to see them in person and take your own amazing shots.

The best part about all of these photos is that they were taken outside so it is possible for anyone, even these days, to have those same fun experiences right now. I will do my best to share where they were taken so that even during a quarantine, you are able to visit some of these areas and get your own photos to help cure cabin fever.

This tunnel is at Custer State Park in South Dakota. There were a few of these throughout the park and all of them were perfect for a fun drive through as well as a quick picture.

This canyon can be found right outside of Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, it is known as Buffalo Bill Dam.

The bridge above can be seen in the movie The Bridges of Madison County and visited in real life in Winterset, Iowa.

If you are fan of wildlife and enjoy getting close with animals like buffalo or pronghorns, heading to Thermopolis, Wyoming should be on your travel bucket list.

I photograph every waterfall I come across and some of my favorites can be found at Yellowstone National Park. 

The waterfall above was my favorite at Yellowstone, it is known as Kepler Cascades.

Sunsets are also something I can not seem to take enough pictures of, it seems like every one I see offers a different mix of colors. This one above was taken at Badlands National Park.

It seems like any time of the day allows for a beautiful shot at the Badlands. The animals are plentiful there and the rock formations offer an endless spectrum of colors.

Sunrises also offer a different beauty each time you experience them, no matter how close to home you may be. This sunrise was experienced by my husband and me, in a boat, fishing for crappie at Prarie Park Fishery in Cedar Rapids. 

Another local piece of scenery that everyone should experience in my opinion is a field of sunflowers. I had no idea how common these were until I visited this one in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Look up these fields in your area and be sure to find out what the best time of year to visit is, you don’t want to wait until the weather pounces these beautiful blossoms.

While driving through Wyoming, we stumbled upon this beautiful scene and had to stop for a picture.

I have yet to see a mountain or cattle that wasn’t worth a few pictures, so my camera roll is full of both. When I stumbled upon this scene in Montana that included both, I not only snapped a picture but decided that this is what heaven must look like. I would love to have this view in my backyard but until that dream comes true, I will enjoy this shot.

I hope these photos have helped cure your cabin fever and inspired you to get outside and take some photos of your own. Share this post on your favorite social media so everyone can enjoy a little bit of the beauty the great outdoors has to offer us.

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