Decorative Antler Home Decor DIY

My husband and I love the look of antlers in our home decor and we try to use them as much as possible.

It can be hard to find ways to use antlers in home decor especially when you only have partial sets but this Decorative Antler Home Decor DIY is the perfect way to put your antlers to good use.

After going shed hunting for the first time this year, I know how grateful I should be to have an abundance of antlers waiting for a good DIY project in my home.

It was so hard to find any antlers at all.

After hours of hardcore searching in the woods where¬†there are always deer sightings, we still didn’t find any antlers.

I was really starting to lose hope that we could ever find antlers but thankfully we met a kid at a garage sale who gave us some shed hunting tips so I am excited to put them to use next shed hunting season.

In the meantime, for this DIY project, I used antlers that my husband had already accumulated over the years to


I picked up a piece of shelving that was on sale at the local hardware store and then my husband gathers his tools so we could get started on our Decorative Antler Home Decor DIY.

The first thing we did was arrange the antlers against the woodgrain shelf so we could see just how we wanted our antler home decor to look.

After we decided how we wanted the antlers to line up on our wood plank, we drilled a hole through each antler, then drilled a screw through the wooden plank to secure the antlers.

We added a couple of screws to each antler, pushing through to ensure that the screw went all the way into the wood plank.

When getting supplies for this project make sure your screws are long enough to fit through your antlers and whatever wood plank you choose.

I like the idea of hanging the antlers in a random order with little rhyme or reason to make the final product a more interesting piece.

When choosing where to hang your Antler Home Decor, keep in mind that it is best to secure the wood plank into a stud.

We chose to hang our antlers above the television because it lines up perfectly in the room and fits in with our other Rustic Home Decor.

Pin this Rustic Home Decor idea for when you need the inspiration to create your own DIY Antler Home Decor. 


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