DIY Lantern Makeover from a Garage Sale Gem

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It seems that those fun citywide garage sales that I have loved going to every year may not be happening this year. That really puts a damper on my DIY plans but fortunately for my creative side, I have a few garage sale gems leftover from last year’s sales that haven’t been transformed yet.

I decided to make a pile of everything that needed a makeover and these lanterns were next on the list. I only bought them because I couldn’t pass up the deal but didn’t really have any ideas on what I could do to give these lanterns a makeover at the time. I couldn’t believe when I spotted the price tag of $3, I couldn’t get the money out fast enough. I knew it was just a matter of time before inspiration struck and once it did, I wanted to share my DIY Lantern Makeover here to hopefully inspire you to create.

The lanterns were covered in rust and I needed a little elbow grease to make the glass look like glass again. I used a brillo to get all of the rough spots off and then covered the glass in glass cleaner before wiping it all away, then doing it again.

Keep in mind that depending on what kind of tape you use to block off the glass areas, you may have to clean the glass again once you are done painting. I used this kind of tape because it was a better deal than painters tape but depending on the surface you are working with, it may be worth it to spend the extra couple of bucks. DIY Lantern Makeover

After taping all of the parts that I didn’t want to get spray paint on, I began using the black spray paint to cover all of the metal. It was pretty easy to cover up all of the imperfections because spray paint is awesome, it’s as simple as that. Plus, the look I was going for could use a little extra texture in some areas so I didn’t mind piling the black spray paint right on top of chunky spots.

DIY Lantern Makeover

I then measured off the center on each pain of glass and began drawing on lines on each pane of glass. I just can not seem to keep my hand steady enough with a paintbrush to make straight lines so I am happy to have a black permanent marker do the job. It’s much easier to work with and you can get them in any color that works for your DIY project.

DIY Lantern Makeover

When I finished with the lantern makeover I thought about displaying them outdoors but settled on keeping them inside for now. I like the way they fit with the rest of my DIY projects, in fact, these lanterns are currently being displayed on a DIY pallet table my husband and I made.

I don’t think there is an easier way to make a home feel cozy than adding in a few one of a kind, homemade pieces. In the spirit of DIY projects and furniture makeovers, I am going to get to the bottom of that pile of items and post more of my makeover of garage sale gems when they are done.

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