How to Make a DIY Pallet Coffee Table

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If you have ever toyed with the idea of building your own coffee table using wooden pallets, this is the perfect starter project. This easy DIY shows you how to make a DIY Pallet Coffee Table the easy way, even if this is your first time making pallet furniture.

Read through the post and follow the full tutorial so you can see the whole process of making this wooden pallet coffee table.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Do It Yourself DIY Pallet Coffee Table Inspiration

I have always been interested in pallet projects so when I found myself with access to quite a few free pallets I decided to make my own wood pallet coffee table.

I figured that this would be a great project to share in a blog post and this is the best way to have a unique coffee table without spending a lot of money.

I searched google and Pinterest for DIY pallet coffee table ideas and came up short. Although I found a lot of beautiful coffee table plans they weren’t the style I wanted for my own pallet coffee table. Everything had an industrial look, a modern coffee table look, a contemporary look, or a vintage look, but I wanted a rustic vibe.

Not only did I want the look of a rustic pallet coffee table but due to the way my living room is set up, I also needed it to be a low coffee table. So I sifted through a bunch of pallets and selected the one that was best to create my own unique style.

wooden pallets for DIY

How to Choose Wood Pallets

The first step in making the perfect coffee table is to pick out a pallet for this DIY project.

I sifted through the wood shipping pallets until I found one with a flat sheet on top, this way my tabletop was an even surface.

You can use any kind you want but I like the wood pallets with a flat surface on top. Not only does it have an attractive look, but it also offers a very nice surface for playing cards or doing puzzles.

Although I want the entire table to have a great style, the top of the table was an important factor when choosing pallets so this was one of the first things I looked at. It’s also a good idea to make sure the pallets are in good condition and are able to achieve a nice wood finish.

When searching industrial areas for pallets to use be mindful of oil stains, mold, or any kind of residue that cannot be removed. If you are creating a white-painted pallet bed or want a natural look, oil stains may make this impossible.

Check for loose pallet boards and cracked pieces before deciding which is the perfect choice for your new coffee table.

wooden pallets for furniture diy

How to Make a DIY Pallet Coffee Table

After selecting the right pallet for your wooden coffee table, the next step is to add four leg plates to the bottom of the pallet.

This will be done four different times, one for each corner.

When choosing the table legs I liked the look of wood farmhouse legs but you can use hairpin legs or any metal legs, and even caster wheels if you prefer that style.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

The next step is to screw the legs into each leg plate already secured to the table top.

This process may change a bit depending on the style you have decided you wanted for your amazing pallet coffee table.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Make sure you measure before buying legs for your pallet wood coffee table. This way you know which size the finished product is going to be.

I measured my couch with my living space in mind and decided that I wanted my table to be pretty close to the height of the cushions.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

After all of the legs are attached, the next step is to add a piece of 1×6 to each end of the table. Secure nails into the sides, with a brad nailer or nail gun. You can drill pilot holes if it makes placement easier but this is not necessary.

This gives it a nice even look on all of the sides but it isn’t necessary. You can skip this step if you like the rough look of a pallet with openings on the side but I think it looks best this way.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Next, find a good-looking guy to come cut your wood. This step is pretty important for keeping morale up during projects like this one. Especially when you aren’t sure what a circular saw is, or any other power tools for that matter.

It also ensures that I don’t cut my fingers off and that everything has a nice straight line. I will hold out on learning how to use these tools for when they are controlled by remote control.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Tips for Rough Edges

If your pallet is pretty beaten up like mine, then you will want to pick up a little bucket of putty. Using a putty knife, fill in any dips in the wood.

You could also use wood glue on any split pieces to secure them in place.

We decided to run it along the entire seam of where the top meets the sides. After filling in all of the gaps, we then sanded the table until it was smooth using an electric sander.

You can use any kind of sander for this part or if you don’t have a sander, you can use sandpaper but it will require a bit of hard work to get a nice smooth finish.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Choosing a Color for Pallet Tables

I then gave the table a coat of stain using minwax stain.

While looking through a little magazine shelf at a couple of grocery stores, I noticed that there were a lot of beautiful tables that I liked but many were finished with white paint. While I think that would make a stylish coffee table, I knew it would not fit in with my decor.

I really wanted a darker color and at first, although the stain did a great job, it still wasn’t dark enough.

sanding and staining pallet furniture

So when I took a step back after the first coat, I decided to add another coat. It can be difficult to choose the right color but the good news is that you can stain your table in whatever color you want.

I really wanted a dark color for my living room because it matches my personality so I kept adding coats until I achieved my desired shade. This also matches the color of my side table so I knew the color would make a nice coffee table.

wood stain for pallet furniture

Creative Way to Add Your Own Style

If you want a truly unique do-it-yourself table that is like no other you can make some adjustments to these step by step instructions to suit your needs.

Add wheels to make a mobile pallet coffee table or add longer legs to make your own dining table. These changes would impact the total cost of this project but if you truly want to be a diva of DIY switching things up a bit is a great way to add your own style.

You can make some adjustments and switch out the top of the table with a glass top or use your table for storage space by adding built-in storage.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

I really love how it turned out and plan on experimenting with pallet projects more in the future. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for some more of my favorite do it yourself furniture projects on the site.

Or check out the home section to see all of the projects I have been working on.

Making DIY furniture is such a rewarding and fun experience because it allows you to customize your own furniture and create every detail that you want to be displayed. When company comes over and compliments your table or asks where you purchased it from, you can proudly tell them that you made it yourself.

Or if you are really good at making your own furniture, try selling on the Facebook marketplace or craigslist for a fun side hustle. Just be sure to figure out the cost of supplies and the value of your time before committing to a project that would be worth reselling online.

It’s a cheap and easy way to be creative and add an original piece of furniture that is unique to your home. Plus having a beautiful coffee table that you made yourself is a great way to display art in your home.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

The table itself is a piece of art and it also serves a nice purpose, hopefully, more than just somewhere to keep your mobile phones.

The hardest part for me was figuring out what to put on top of it for decoration. Thankfully this table is huge, so it holds a lot of nick-nacks and allows me to display candles and plants in a prominent location in my home.

You can easily adjust these plans to make your own DIY Coffee Table from Pallets to fit your space, just change the measurements to fit what suits your home best.

do it yourself project

Materials Needed for Pallet Coffee Table Plans

Check out these items on Amazon below to see what you will need to make your own DIY Pallet Coffee Table just like the one featured in this post. A lot of these supplies come with free shipping but it is best to pick up a pallet locally to avoid a high price tag.

  • Pallet- Check the tips in this DIY Pallet Bed Frame post for the best places to find pallets for projects and how to clean them.
  • 1×6- Make sure to adjust the sizes to fit your needs.
  • 4 Legs– These could be any style of your choosing just be sure they are the correct size that you want for your finished product.
  • Putty– I don’t have a preferred brand of putty, I usually just go for what seems like it will do the job for the best value.
  • Screws– I have quite a bit of leftover screws from previous projects so I don’t usually have to buy more when tackling another DIY.
  • Drill– I have tried quite a few brands of drills over the years and can’t really say that I prefer one over the other.
  • Miter Saw– This link will bring you to a large selection of miter saws on Amazon since I do not have a preferred brand.
  • Nails– This is another thing that you tend to accumulate over the course of many DIY projects. I tend to buy extra and use them for random projects that come up around the house.
  • Air Gun– Head over to Amazon to pick up one of these useful tools. You will be amazed by how many times you use it once you have one.
  • Measuring Tape <– Tell me that isn’t the cutest one you have ever seen, I dare you!
  • Stain– You can choose whichever color you prefer for your project.
  • Paint Brushes– When using stain you can’t always guarantee that you will be able to remove it and clean the brushes when done so I usually opt for a low cost paint brush that I can throw away after making my own furniture.
  • Sand Paper– When using a sander you will be able to speed through this project but it isn’t necessary, good old hard work and a piece of sandpaper can do the trick.
  • 4 Leg Brackets– This may not be necessary depending on which type of legs you choose for your DIY wooden pallet table. Be sure to check what comes with the legs you purchase to see if this is necessary.

 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

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