DIY Planter from Upcycled Tin Cans

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It’s that time of year again, where I start to think about my garden and what I am going to be planting. I always like to get an early start when possible so I have decided to make these DIY Planters from upcycled tin cans to plant some seeds for the Spring. 

This year I want to have a variety of fruits and vegetables in my garden. I have attempted to do this many times in the past but something always seems to ruin my garden.

Last year it was the Derecho storm that took out what I thought to be the best tomato and pepper garden I have ever planted.

The year before, a flood rotted out all of my plants too long into the season to replace them, even the nursery was hit pretty hard by the flooding.

The year before that, a tree fell on my house and crushed the entire garden.

So I am going to do everything I can to make this year the year that I actually get to reap the benefits of my work and have the best garden yet. 

I am starting my seeds indoors and I am doing it in style with these DIY planters made from upcycled tin cans. 

I have started my indoor garden with bell peppers because we use them so often, especially the orange ones. They are also pretty expensive at the store so it’s nice to have my own supply. 

Another plant that I am going to start early indoors is a tomato plant, one of each variety that we eat the most. I want giant juicy tomatoes for sandwiches and Roma tomatoes for sauces. 

I have also thought about upcycling tin cans into herb planters that I can grow both indoors and out. I use a lot of basil so that is on my list of plants to grow this year.

I was trying to do some research to figure out the best plants for tin cans and it seems like they are perfect for growing everything that I want in my garden. It turns out, tin cans are great for a starter garden of almost any variety. I have even had success with growing succulents in tin cans. 

Now the next project I will work on will be figuring out the best way to make hanging tin can planters or how to hang tin cans to conserve space on my garden table. 

It is really simple to upcycle tin cans into garden planters so once you figure out how you want them decorated and collect some cans to repurpose, you are well on your way to getting your indoor garden started. 

I started with a few tomato sauce cans and after cleaning them out as well as removing the labels, I was ready to repurpose them.

After adding a burlap and lace ribbon that I picked up from the dollar store, I added a black and white ribbon in the center of two of these repurposed tin cans. 

I don’t know what it is about burlap and buffalo check but I just love the combination. So I seem to use it all of the time and thankfully I found quite a bit of these ribbons for cheap so I am able to upcycle for very little money.

If you like the looks of these and can not find them at your dollar store or just want to buy them online, you can find the burlap and lace ribbon here and the black and white ribbon here.  They are calling it gingham ribbon although the spool I bought says buffalo check on it, it looks like the same thing. 

I used a hot glue gun to keep the ribbon in place and added another dollar store find to the top for labeling my planters. Although I picked these up at the dollar store, you can find them here for a little less.

After gluing the ribbon on and adding the labels to each planter, I added some soil and put my seeds in. It is really that easy to upcycle cans into garden planters that actually look nice in your home. 

Now I am off to make even more, enough to get the garden of my dreams started, so like a million more, I can do that! 

I hope you enjoyed learning how I made this DIY Planter from Upcycled Tin Cans and have inspired you to repurpose cans instead of throwing them away. Leave me a comment below letting me know what you are planting in your garden this year, I would love to hear about it.

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