DIY Tiffany Style Lamp Shade

Find out how I upcycled an old lamp into a masterpiece with this DIY Tiffany Style Lamp Shade Makeover. Learn the steps & get inspired to create your own. Keep in mind that this post contains affiliate links which mean that if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a small portion of the sale at no additional cost to you. 

I can’t pass up a great deal and I always have a plan for something that is selling for cheap due to some kind of defect. I always think that I can fix that, I can make that worth what it once was, I never pass up those “great deals” unfortunately, this leads to a little thing called hoarding.

I can’t seem to let go of anything and whenever I finally do, it never fails, within days of getting rid of whatever it is, I find a use for it. Luckily I have been finding a use for almost everything lately and that includes a lamp that I scored at a garage sale for 50 cents. This lamp lasted through three days of a garage sale with dirt-cheap prices because it didn’t have a lampshade. That wasn’t enough to stop me though, I loved the look of the hanging light and knew I would find a way to salvage it even though I had little hope of finding a replacement lamp shade.

DIY Tiffany Style Lamp Shade Makeover

I know a thing or two about everyone giving up on something with potential hidden inside of it. I always root for the underdog, I gravitate towards the kinds of things that most people shy away from and enjoy the company of the people that others don’t want to waste their time with. I have always been the odd one out and had to work hard to prove my worth repeatedly throughout my life. That was until I met my husband, now we can be different than everyone else, but together. When I think about it, I am reminded of how my journey was destined for him the whole time.  So, what if I had to dig myself out of what seemed like a pit of quicksand to get to him? Worth it! Without an uphill battle, I may not have been able to appreciate our connection.

This lamp is the perfect example of how some things are more than what they seem and with a little hard work, they can be great. I turned a 50 cent lamp that was headed for the trash into a beautiful DIY Tiffany Style Lamp Shade.

I looked around at other sales and thrift shops for a replacement shade that I could use whether it needed a makeover or not and kept coming up short. That was until I looked in my own pile of misfit toys where I had a broken torch lamp with no purpose and an extra lamp shade.

The garage sale lamp still had a threaded circle fitting where the bulb is supposed to go so I took it off and glued it to the torch lamp shade because it was a perfect fit.

I then used super glue to secure the mosaic tiles to the sides of the lamp shade.

I started with the squares then moving onto a more random pattern by using the other shapes.

I left gaps in between some of the shapes to let extra light through and leave a white shade in the random pattern of colors. I love the way this DIY Tiffany Style Lamp Shade project turned out and I am glad I was able to salvage not one but two things that I have been hanging onto in case inspiration struck.

I hope this has inspired you to create your own Tiffany Style Lamp Shade and see the value in something that everyone else has given up on. Let me know what you came up with by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to share this DIY project on your favorite social media.

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