Trash to Treasure Dresser Makeover using Chalk Paint

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Who doesn’t love a good furniture makeover? I get so excited when I stumble on a piece of furniture curbside that I immediately start cycling through all of the possibilities that I can come up with. This is the main reason that I love garage sales, I love doing furniture makeovers and decorating my home, more than almost anything else.

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I picked this dresser up at the curb, it was sitting there at the beginning of the week and I noticed it but thought, I don’t have any room for that. Then a couple of days passed and it was still out there, so instead of letting the garbage man have it, I picked it up even though I didn’t have any big plans coming to me for it just yet.

Then about 8 years and a different state later, I was working on a project with Country Chic and when I had a bunch of leftover supplies so I decided to give the dresser a makeover. The first project I was working on was this Makeup Vanity Makeover where I used the Pebble Beach from Country Chic paint to give my old vanity a new look.

I like the idea of this shade of gray on all of the furniture in my bedroom, I think it looks nice against the shade of blue I painted it.

I used this oval paintbrush to paint the dresser and this sponge for applying the clear coat. If your piece needs to be sanded, you can get a bunch of sandpaper that will get a couple of jobs like this one done for less than $3.00 by clicking here.

I thought about changing the hardware because I really like these knobs but I also liked the look of the gold handles once the dresser was painted, so I kept the original ones on it. I may decide to use them for another furniture makeover project in the future because they are super cute and a great deal, check them out here. 

I have so many furniture makeover ideas floating around in my head that I am sure I will find another project to use the hardware on if I should decide to swap it out. Although the more I look at this dresser makeover, the more I love the look of the gold against gray.

I wanted to keep the paint light in some spots and let the wood show through, the undertones really make this color pop. I used the sponge to blot off excess paint after applying and then went over each drawer to make sure the wood really showed through.

I am not sure what this type of style is called but it seems like it should be called rustic chic to me. I know that is already a thing but I am not sure if this fits into the category or not. To me, the look screams, I want to live on a farm but I love interior design and keep a neat house.

That could be my new bio!

I hope you enjoyed this dresser makeover and are inspired to do your own furniture makeover. Don’t forget to share this post on your favorite social media and leave a comment telling me about some of the projects you are working on!

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  1. This is a great transformation, I am working on one right now that I am so excited about. I will tag you on Insta so you can see it!


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