5 Essential Factors for a Happy Marriage

In order to enjoy a truly happy marriage, you need to work at it.

Working on your marriage is an essential part of having a healthy relationship.

When you apply these 5 Essential Factors for a Happy Marriage you are sure to improve the quality of your relationship and keep your marriage a happy one.

Selflessness-  Putting your spouse’s happiness and needs first is essential to a happy marriage.

Although this only works if both partners decide this is the best way for their marriage to thrive because this will not work with just one spouse practicing selflessness while the other acts selfishly.

When you love your spouse unconditionally it is much easier to practice selflessness and it may even come naturally to you as you always want what is best for them and the greater good of your marriage.

Finding ways to serve your spouse can promote the idea that your spouse should reciprocate the same love that you have shown to them but remember that this is only truly a selfless act if you do not expect anything in return.

Commitment- Entering into a marriage is a commitment that requires both spouses to work towards a common goal, a healthy and happy life together.

This can be achieved by always keeping this common goal in mind no matter how difficult things may get, working together towards achieving happiness for both of you is essential for a happy marriage.

Patience- Everyone has flaws and we can all be difficult to deal with from time to time.

We all have our moments where we can get a little unbearable and this can be especially hard to deal with when it comes to an argument or fight.

When you and your spouse are passionate about competing thoughts and quickly push each other’s buttons as married couples tend to do when fighting, it is best to practice patience where possible.

Take a walk or breathe and count to ten in order to reset your emotions and show your spouse the patience that they deserve.

It takes a lot of practice to not lose your patience but marriage required work and as long as you are both working towards the common goal, having patience with your spouse will be easier over time.

Forgiveness- Let’s face it, couples fight, it is inevitable.

Sometimes couples will argue in a very calm, constructive way and then there are those arguments where we are so passionate about each other and our feelings that our arguments become full-on grudge matches where we tend to say things we will regret.

Getting so angry that you forget how much you love and cherish your spouse may happen at times but it is best to remember that your argument/fight is only a very small part of a really big commitment.

Learning how to forgive your spouse when they aren’t putting their best foot forward is essential to a healthy and happy marriage.

Teamwork- You don’t always have to figure out who was right and who was wrong, the most important thing to keep in mind when there is a disagreement is that you should work as a team to solve the problem, together.

There are no winners when trying to decide who is to blame for the argument.

Sometimes problems are not solved and are just managed, everything is not always going to be perfect and that is ok.

Working together as a team towards the common goal of a happy marriage is the only way to maintain a truly healthy relationship that will grow with you.

What have you found to be an essential factor in keeping your marriage happy?


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