15 Garden Upcycles for Plant Lovers

I have always been the type to hang onto things, just in case, I find a use for it. Sometimes this causes clutter in my home but sometimes it inspires me to be creative and find new uses for things that are just sitting there, collecting dust. This time of year makes me especially excited about cleaning out my closet and tackling some upcycle projects because I can use all of my creations for my garden.

If you are a plant lover like I am, you have probably already have tried a few creative ways to display your plants or flowers. The hobby of gardening seems to bring out the best repurposing ideas in everyone. You can see some of these amazingly creative ideas below because today, I am sharing 15 Garden Upcycles for Plant Lovers.

It always amazes me when someone uses something in a new creative way, the best repurposing ideas are the ones that make you think to yourself, why didn’t I think of that? I have come across quite a few of these ideas over the years and my home is full of quirky things that I was inspired to make or repurpose from things I already had but was using in a different way.

When decorating your home it is always nice to sprinkle some homemade items around that show off your own style and unique creativity. This is especially true when it comes to gardening, whether you are bringing plants inside or keeping them out, they are fun way to decorate any space in your home.

When decorating any space, you can’t go wrong with fresh flowers and this tin can upcycle, is a great way to display them inside your home. I only wish that I could have fresh flowers year-round but I have yet to find a plant that thrives in my home and blooms pretty flowers simultaneously. The next best thing, in my opinion, is displaying a bright green plant with attractive foliage and this upcycle can be done using an empty paint can. 

If you do have access to fresh flowers all year long, another creative way to display them inside is with this easy upcycle project that transforms plastic bottles into pieces of art. Another easy upcycle idea is turning your yogurt containers into flower pots, you can see how to do that here. 

It’s also fun to find different items to repurpose in your home, do you have an old basket that can be transformed into a basket planter with a quick coat of paint and a little creativity? I have found some of my favorite repurposing and upcycling projects from things in my home that were being used for something else. I love to transform things, like this coffee table that we made from an upcycled pallet. Not only does it save time but it is nice to find a new use for something instead of buying more things and throwing away others.

If you think creatively, anything can be upcycled or repurposed, even things you would usually throw away like wine corks, have you ever thought about turning them into succulent magnets? Genius, right? What about using hot glue to add embellishments to a vase before painting? Using hot glue to decorate a vase allows you to personalize and completely design your own piece.

I love the way this himmeli hanging planter turned out, it looks like a great way to display plants inside or outside. Another great reason to upcycle is to clean out your closets and cabinets, find a new use for things that are clogging your space. Use an old shirt to upcycle a planter  or use a broken lamp to make your own garden light post.  If you an abundance of baking soda like I found myself with, you can make your own miracle grow for your garden without having to buy it from the store and use up excess products that may be expiring soon.

Thinking outside the box is the way to come up with these ideas, that is my favorite part. Trying to explore all of the ways something can be reused that nobody has thought of before, it’s a great way to have unique items in your home without spending a bunch on antiques. This is especially true for gardeners and plant lovers, because anything can be turned into a planter. You can even create your own herb garden using a burlap sack, make a vertical garden wall from fence boards, or make a planter out of an old dresser drawer. 

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