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Thanks for stopping by and checking out The Hobby Wife, a lifestyle blog specializing in the outdoors, travel, relationships, and delicious recipes.

You can usually find me rolling up my sleeves and diving head first into new adventures with my husband. He is an avid outdoorsman who has turned this city girl into an adventure seeking outdoorwoman one hunting trip at a time. We enjoy doing everything together, even if that means I find myself chest deep in a river yanking a walleyes lips off or processing my own deer to use in my favorite recipes.

The Hobby Wife was created to share our fun experiences through photography, stories, and video. Be sure to follow along on social media so you never miss an adventure.


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The Hobby Wife

As an avid gardener, dedicated homemaker, and culinary enthusiast, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every aspect of homemaking, recipes, travel, and gardening. My journey is deeply rooted in a love for nature, food, and exploration, which I share through my engaging content.

With years of experience cultivating a vibrant garden and crafting delicious recipes, I specialize in creating farm-to-table homestyle dishes that highlight the freshest ingredients. My culinary creations are inspired by my extensive travels, allowing me to infuse global flavors into my kitchen.

Through my blog, I aim to inspire others with practical gardening tips, mouth-watering recipes, and unique travel experiences. Whether you're looking for garden-to-plate cooking ideas, copycat recipes, or advice on homemaking, I provide a trusted source of information and inspiration.

Join me as I blend the joys of gardening, cooking, and travel into a harmonious lifestyle, offering readers a well-rounded perspective on how to bring these passions into their own homes.

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