15 Must-Have Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets for Foodies

If you enjoy cooking as much as I do, you have probably accumulated quite a few kitchen utensils & gadgets over the years. While some kitchen utensils & gadgets are designed to save you time, others seem to just take up space and not live up to their infomercial hype. 

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When it comes to cooking and baking, I am all for anything that is going to make the process easier in the kitchen. Lucky for you, less mess and more efficient cooking is kind of my thing so I have narrowed it down to my favorites.

These 15 must-have kitchen utensils & gadgets have helped me save time, space, and get the job done right.  I am sure that you will find a kitchen gadget (or five) that you’ll want to add to your collection after checking out some of my favorites. 

Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

Stop wasting space, time, and money in the kitchen. Learn which kitchen utensils & gadgets are worth the investment & space they take up.

Built-In Cutting Board

This dual-purpose Bamboo Stovetop and Countertop Cutting Board is a real space saver. It expands your kitchen space by providing a sturdy moveable workspace that can be used on your stovetop or countertop. 

Air Fryer

The PowerXL Air Fryer replaces so many other appliances that are usually taking up space on your countertops. No more need for a microwave, a toaster, a rotisserie, or dehydrator when you get this all in one machine. This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets because it has lived up to the infomercial hype, it really does all of the magical things that were promised in the commercials. 

I use this gadget for everything from warming things up to cooking entire meals. Some of my favorite air fryer recipes to cook are below. 

Deep Fryer

When there are so many options for deep fryers to choose from, it can be really difficult to decide which is best. If you find yourself hesitating to pick up a deep fryer, I would suggest you take two things into consideration. How much it will be used and how big you need it to be. 

When I first struggled with figuring out which one to choose, I decided on the economy option and picked this deep fryer up on the cheap. I loved it and it lasted many years, the only reason I moved on was that I needed more room. So if you are feeding a larger family or just like to make a lot of fried chicken at once, I would suggest picking up this deep fryer instead. 

Food Processor 

For many years, I dragged my feet when it came to getting a food processor. Every blog I read seemed to have one and every recipe I wanted to create seemed to call for one but I didn’t want to spend the money. 

Fast forward to 8 long food processorless years later, and I finally got my hands on this beauty. I use it regularly and don’t know how I managed to go so long without one. This gadget especially comes in handy when you are working with sticky ingredients like cookie dough.

Immersion Blender

While I rarely use the food chopper or whisk portion of this kitchen gadget, I absolutely love this immersion blender. All of the accessories of this purchase were just a bonus for me, I wanted a hard-working, long-lasting, budget-friendly immersion blender, and this was it. 

Stand Mixer

As you probably know from reading my previous suggestions for cook kitchen utensils & gadgets, I don’t like to splurge. However, I have learned over the years that time is money and when something saves you as much time as this stand mixer does, it is worth its weight in gold.

This is the most used of all of my kitchen utensils & gadgets. Although I dragged my feet on making this purchase, if my stand mixer gave out, I would not even hesitate to run right out and replace it. 

Spice Rack

No matter how many cabinets you have in your kitchen, you can always use more storage space. This spice rack will keep you organized and keep your spices within reach while cooking. Store this chef’s edition spice rack on the counter and use the included labels to stay organized. 

Lid Organizer 

Simplify your kitchen cabinet organization with this quick and easy solution, an adjustable pot lid organizer

Vegetable Spiralizer 

If you have already determined that you are serious about cooking and have picked up the stand mixer, picking up this spiralizer attachment should be a no-brainer. 

Ice Cream Maker

Once again, an attachment for the stand mixer that is worth picking up is this ice cream maker

There is no better way to save space than to have fewer things, so why not buy attachments for something you already own rather than buying new kitchen utensils & gadgets. 

Pasta Maker

This is the last attachment I will recommend, for now,If you are interested in making your own pasta, this pasta maker attachment is pretty cool.

I am all in on the attachments for my stand mixer and wish there were more to buy. They save lots of space in the kitchen and work great, so there is no reason to buy a separate machine when you can get everything you need out of an attachment. 

Programmable Slow Cooker

I love using my slow cooker and experimenting with new recipes to save time. This is one of my favorite gadgets because it allows me to get dinner done early in the day and not have to worry about getting things done on time.

Some of my most loved slow cooker recipes are slow cooker venison stew and cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker

Waffle Maker

There is nothing quite a yummy as a homemade waffle and with these kitchen gadgets being so affordable, there is no reason not to pick a rotating waffle maker. If you are eating gluten-free, low carb, or keto, this is a great way to enjoy waffles again. Check out my favorite homemade waffles recipe using almond flour.

Salad Spinner

When it comes to preparing delicious side dishes that my entire family will enjoy, I have found the most useful tool around is this salad spinner.

Before getting a spinner, I used to spray down my lettuce and then squeeze it out to remove the excess water, which never really worked that well. But I still thought it was a waste of money since I had been preparing salad for years without one but it turns out I was wrong. 

This kitchen helper has improved the quality of every salad I serve in my home. The lettuce is always crisp after a spin and it is super easy to use, plus it has lasted an impressive amount of time. If you haven’t tried a salad spinner yet, I suggest picking one up. 

Box Graters

Perfect for grating or slicing cheese, ginger, zucchini, potatoes, and more. It’s always a good idea to have more than one of these on hand and since this will always be the case it is best to pick up a well-made box grater, no need to cheap out on this one, it’s already priced right. 

Which kitchen utensils and gadgets have helped you out the most? 

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