How to Not Lose Yourself in Your Marriage

When trying to please your husband and be the perfect wife or when trying to please your wife and be the perfect husband, it can be hard to not lose sight of yourself.

It is really easy to put your own needs and wants aside when trying to please everyone else but it can be hard to get back on track when it is time to regain your own identity. Learning How to Not Lose Yourself in Your Marriage is an essential part of a healthy relationship.

Keep Outsiders in Check

A lot of people go through a phase early in their relationship where they feel the pressure to be the perfect wife or husband. It is hard to live up to such a title and sometimes the people we surround ourselves with can have a lot to do with the pressure we feel.

There is a stigma to the mother in law for a reason, they are known for putting unfair pressure on their children’s spouse and it can be hard to live up to their standards. If you find yourself falling short of what you feel is expected of you, it can be easier to lose yourself in your marriage. You may begin to brush your own needs off as you try to work towards meeting expectations that others have unfairly put on you. Talking with your spouse and not worrying about outsiders opinions is the only way to combat the problem, keep everyone else out of your marriage.

Find Time for What You Love

If you are giving up everything that you love or always put your feelings last, you will be to be resentful and those feelings would most likely be directed at your spouse. Resentment is a poison in every marriage because of its divisive ways that will surely tear you and your spouse apart over time.

Finding time for what you love, whether it includes your spouse or not is an important step towards learning how to not lose yourself in marriage. You can include your partner in these activities if they show an interest but it is perfectly fine to take time for yourself even when your partner has no interest in the activities you choose to do. Set aside a fair amount of time each day to enjoy something you love.

Stay True to Yourself

When you were married, your partner vowed to spend the rest of their life with you, so don’t let yourself disappear for the sake of being super-spouse. It can be hard to juggle everything at times but that doesn’t mean

It is important to speak up for yourself and not let your spouse take advantage of your giving nature but if you enjoy spending your time doing things for others, this is staying true to yourself. Don’t let society dictate your role in your marriage, people are clearly doing something wrong as the divorce rate in this country seems to always be on the rise.

Communication is Key

Talk openly with your partner about the areas you feel you need to improve or change as well as what they can work on. Let your feelings be known and work through any kinks you may stumble upon. Don’t keep your feelings of resentment inside, they will come out eventually and not in a healthy way, they need to be addressed.

Communicating with your partner is an essential part of learning How to Not Lose Yourself in Your Marriage. Always be honest and work together on any problems that may arise along the way.

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