Repurpose a Cardboard Box into a Decorative Tray in Under 15 minutes

This upcycling craft is so easy to do, learn how to repurpose a cardboard box with this DIY project. Instead of tossing out your garbage, think of ways that you can reuse it. Make a new use for things deemed useless by upcycling a cardboard box and turn it into a decorative tray.

I always prefer to use all of the items I have laying around my house instead of getting rid of it. This can be tricky at times because it can be hard to come up with new small cardboard box crafts to keep up with the flow of cardboard boxes in my home. I have searched Pinterest for inspiration many times, and I usually come up with something but finding an original idea for how to reuse boxes can be tricky.

That’s why I keep all kinds of random pieces of fabric, ribbons, string, and whatever I think I can reuse someday. This way, when I am thinking of creative things to do with cardboard boxes or cardboard box crafts, I can dig through my supplies and come up with unique repurposing ideas for cardboard boxes.

So if you are looking for ideas on how to upcycle cardboard boxes, I hope this project inspires you to make a unique piece of home decor that you will love and keeps you from having to throw so much away.

To repurpose a cardboard box, you will first need to find a cardboard box to upcycle. I have plenty of these can holder cardboard boxes, so these are the upcycle projects I am most interested in at the time.

I used burlap, hot glue, and a leather strap I found that used to fit inside of my purse but for whatever reason I kept it, so I gathered all of the items I needed for this DIY project. Once you have all of your supplies ready you can begin this cardboard box upcycle.

Cut a piece of burlap or whatever fabric you decided to use for your cardboard box upcycle, to fit the box you are using.

Once you have a piece cut to size, lay the fabric over the box and add glue to every side to ensure the burlap stays in place. I used a paint stirring stick to press the burlap against the hot glue, rather than burning my fingers.

Once it was in place, I cut off the excess and cut a couple of handles out of the leather strap I hoarded for all of these years.

I tied a know on each end so that this leather strap makes a good handle and it allows me to put a big dab of glue on the end of each so it stays in place.

I love the way it turned out and the fact that I was able to upcycle a cardboard box into a tray in less than fifteen minutes means that the possibilities are endless. I will continue to search high and low for new ways to upcycle cardboard boxes and share new crafts using cardboard boxes here in the future.

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