Slow Cooker Side Dishes Perfect for Thanksgiving

These Slow Cooker Side Dishes are perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner and since they are made in the slow cooker, they will save you so much time and space on your stovetop. Who knew you could cook so many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes in a slow cooker? I wish I would have started doing this years ago!

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around I start to feel the pressure of the holiday and worry that I am not making enough food. I often worry that there isn’t enough of a variety at my Thanksgiving table and it seems that there just aren’t enough burners on my stove or room in my oven to cook every Thanksgiving side dish I want to make.

I am a worrier for sure, if there is a possibility that something could go wrong, I have already thought about it and tried to prepare myself ahead of time. This year, I have decided to make an attempt to not worry about anything. I am going to prepare enough food to feed an army without the worry of having enough burners or room in the oven by using my slow cooker to make lots of side dishes.

This is going to save me so much time on Thanksgiving and allow me to spend more time with my guests. That’s why these Slow Cooker Side Dishes are perfect for Thanksgiving.

I haven’t tried making Baked Potatoes for Thanksgiving yet but I think this would save me so much time. I usually whip up a giant bowl of mashed potatoes because that was always my favorite as a kid. It just takes so much time whipping and adding in ingredients when I need to be getting everything on the table.

Instead of making stuffing and sweet potatoes when trying to incorporate all of the traditional Thanksgiving side dishes, combining them into one really great dish like this Sweet Potato Stuffing saves so much time.

I have one of those three server crockpots and I usually make things like Baked Beans and Applesauce for Thanksgiving but I have never thought to make them in the slow cooker on Thanksgiving, this is a huge space saver. 

Since we live in Iowa it seems like we absolutely have to include things like Buttered Corn on the Cob into our Thanksgiving dinner plans.

Another favorite of mine from childhood is Macaroni and Cheese so we have to make that for sure. I am also excited to add a new recipe to our Thanksgiving menu like this Olive Parmesan Bread.

This Pumpkin Bread Pudding is sure to be a new favorite at my house and I am excited to serve up some Party Meatballs.

To make sure everyone’s sweet tooth is happy this Thanksgiving, I am excited to use the slow cooker to make Sweet Potato Casserole  and this Cranberry Apple Cider.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes? Tell me about them in the comments below and be sure to share this post on your favorite social media to save your favorite Thanksgiving host some time and space.


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  1. Considering how full the stovetop is on Thanksgiving, it’s nice to just put some foods in the crockpot. It’s a smart move.


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