12 Fun Valentine’s Day Stay At Home Date Ideas

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Coming up with fun Valentine’s Day Stay At Home Dates Ideas is more critical these days than in the past. Personally, I have always preferred to come up with fun stay at home date ideas rather than go out on Valentine’s Day.

Since everyone goes out for their date nights on Valentine’s Day, everywhere worth going is crowded, and waiting in line isn’t exactly my idea of a romantic date night. So I came up with these fun stay at home date ideas that work for Valentine’s Day or any night that you want to spend a fun night at home. 

12 Fun Valentine’s Day Stay At Home Date Ideas

Make a Valentine’s Day Collage 

Pick up a framed collage and fill it with photos taken on Valentine’s Day. Below you will find some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day photos that would look great in a collage. 

  • Take a shot with your hands creating a heart together.
  • Be sure to take a photo of the two of you dancing together.
  • Don’t forget to take a picture during the golden hour. 
  • Get a shot of you two holding hands.

Backyard Picnic

Pack a picnic with a blanket and snacks to enjoy outside. Bring a blanket and stargaze or set up a tent for an all-night date if the weather is right.   

Have a campfire and enjoy S’mores together. Pick up a S’mores kit to make this fun stay at home date idea even easier to do. 

Play Board Games

Pull out all of the board games and put them to use. Don’t have any board games that aren’t played out? You can hit up a second-hand store before Valentine’s Day and stock up on some childhood favorites for cheap. Playing a game of Monopoly will eat up a few hours and who doesn’t enjoy playing a few rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippos

Video Games

If board games are not really your thing, you may enjoy a night of video games. There are lots of 2 player games that can keep you busy for hours, one of my favorites is Rock Band. Take turns singing or battle it out to see who gets the highest score on drums, guitar, vocals, or bass. You are sure to find some songs you both love since there are over 1,500 songs available for download. 

Deep Dish Pizza Crust Recipe

Cook a Meal Together 

Find a recipe online like this Flaky & Chewy Deep Dish Pizza recipe and cook it together. While it’s baking in the oven, you can whip up some of these Scratch Vanilla Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting together. 

Work on a Home Improvement Project

Create something that you can enjoy for years to come like this DIY Pallet Coffee Table or this DIY Sofa Table. Click the links for a full tutorial showing you how you can easily whip up these DIY home furnishings on your date night. 

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Teach Each Other a New Skill

Do you like to knit while your significant other enjoys woodworking? Teach each other a new skill by sharing what you know and creating a lasting memory. 

Or learn a new skill together by picking up this How to Draw People Step by Step face drawing kit. Draw each other or pick a face to draw together and see who did it best! 

Movie Night

We have all heard of Netflix and Chill, there is a reason this has become such a popular phrase, watching movies is always a good way to spend a date night. Alternate watching each of your favorites or enjoy a new movie that you can enjoy for the first time together. 

Create Scavenger Hunts for Eachother

Spend the first hour of your date night planning and creating a scavenger hunt in your home. Spend the next hour, enjoying what each of you has created. Use trivia from your first date as a theme or fun facts about yourself to lead your partner to the end of the hunt. 


Have a Wine Tasting

Pick up a variety of wines and have a wine tasting at home. Be sure to pick up crackers, chocolates, and cheese to pair with the wines and cleanse your pallets in between each variety. Take notes on which flavors you enjoyed the most and maybe you will find a new variety to enjoy together each Valentine’s Day. 

To make this fun date idea easier, pick up this wine tasting at-home kit. 

Plan a Trip 

Spend the evening planning out a fun trip to take. Scan Pinterest for fun things to do in different locations and make notes of what sounds like a fun trip for you to take. You can see some of my favorite travel destinations here.

The best part about this fun stay at home date idea is that you get to go on your trip together. Plan out restaurants, activities, and must-see places in the area you choose to visit. After you take your trip, you can spend your next date night creating a scrapbook of your adventures. 

Create a Dream Board of Shared Goals

You can create your own dream board with a dream board kit or start from scratch. Clip out photos from magazines and print out your favorite photos found online that line up with goals that you have for your relationship. From trips you want to take to what your dream home may look like, creating a dream board together is a great way to learn more about each other. It’s also a great way to set common goals that you can work towards together as a couple. 

I hope you enjoyed these stay-at-home date ideas that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Please share on your favorite social media so that everyone can see how easy it is to stay home and have fun on their next date night. 


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