Everything You Need to Know about Thermopolis, Wyoming

Thermopolis, Wyoming

When we went on a family road trip this past Summer starting our trip in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and ending in West Yellowstone, Montana. Along the way we were able to stay in quite a few fun locations that we had never visited previously and one of the places we enjoyed the most was Thermopolis, Wyoming. We stayed the night in this unique town on our way to Yellowstone National Park and in that short amount of time, Thermopolis left a lasting impression on my family. So I am excited to share this travel destination with anyone looking for a quaint town offering breathtaking views and lots of fun for the whole family.

Where to Stay

  • Best Western – This beautifully updated and decorated hotel really lives up to the home away from home feeling Best Western strives to offer its customers. Featuring a hot tub piped right into the local mineral springs that are thought to have healing powers. The staff is attentive and the breakfast is complimentary, plus Best Western offers you points through their Rewards program that will ultimately give you free stays, so staying there really pays off.
  • Days Inn – Spacious rooms, jacuzzi, exercise equipment, and an on-site masseuse make this a hotel worth checking into.
  • One of the many RV Parks – Wyoming Gardens, Fountain of Youth RV Park, and Eagle River are a few options you have in the area.
  • Fountain of Youth Inn – Adjoining rooms and suites available.


What to Do

  • Miniature Golf – Sweet Spot Miniature Golf offers an eighteen-hole mini-golf course for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Fishing – Hire a guide service or head out on your own, this area has a few options for fishermen.
  • Distillery – Take a tour and have a sample at Wyoming’s first legal distillery.
  • Dinosaur Center– Visit the gift shop, take in the sights, and spend the day digging in one of the dinosaur dig sites.
  • Hot Springs State Park- Visit the swinging bridge and visit the hot springs. Walk by, take pictures, or go swimming, the choice is yours but keep in mind that they are said to have special healing powers so you may want to at least dip a toe in. After checking out the Springs be sure to drive through the entire park and get a glimpse of the bison. If you head to the entrance around 7 am you can see the bison gathering on the hill, anticipating feeding time.

Where to Eat

  • Safari Club Restaurant – Famous for its impressive collection of taxidermy, this one of a kind restaurant offers a good meal at a good price surrounded by the owner’s collection from many years of hunting around the world.
  • Thermopolis Cafe – Homestyle cafe with a big variety of food options for the whole family.
  • One-Eyed Buffalo Brewing – Serving up slow-smoked BBQ and beer.
  • Nature’s Corner – Offering wholesome meals in an earthy environment.

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  1. Eh man one time my cousin was there and after too many cervesas he tried to ride one of those bison because this guy dared him to and he got stuck with the horns ese!


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