3 Common Threats to Relationships & How to Eliminate them

Does your relationship suffer from these 3 Common Threats? Find out now and begin the journey to eliminate them before they become toxic.

Too Busy

Everyone gets busy from time to time, we all have a heavy workload from time to time. This is a normal part of life and everyone should be given allowances for this on occasion as it happens to us all. The problem comes in when you become too busy for your relationship, more often than not. Not having time to spend with your partner shows them where they rate on your priority scale.

Putting your partner at the top of your list of priorities is important and setting time aside each day to reconnect is essential for a happy, healthy relationship. It doesn’t always have to be a romantic date night, just a quiet dinner at home each evening will do. Planning a more extravagant, longer outing can be reserved for weekends or monthly depending on your schedule.


Women are stereotyped as being the role in the relationship who is always chatty. In movies, the wife is typically the character seen oversharing details about her marriage with a friend. In reality, both men and women are guilty of oversharing, this can threaten a relationship, no matter which party is guilty. Seeking advice outside of your relationship may seem like a great way to get a quick take from a new perspective but it causes more harm than good in some cases.

Talking to each other and creating boundaries that both parties can agree upon when it comes to including outsiders in conversations about your relationship is best. It may be wise to seek out a therapist that would be able to help on call, there are lots of options online these days. Having a professional to vent to can prevent close friends from being too involved in your relationship while also offering an experts opinion.

Too Much Screen Time

Everyone seems to be addicted to their phones these days, some of them can’t even seem to put them down long enough to drive. With that being the case, its no surprise that relationships are negatively impacted by this obsessive behavior. Constantly staring at your phone isn’t good for you and it is most certainly not good for your relationship but once you have recognized this unhealthy habit, you can being to correct it.

Setting limits like no phones at the dinner table or turning off your cell after a certain time each night can make the transition easy. Spending quality time with your partner, without a cell phone in between you is extremely important. Letting your partner know that their overuse has not gone unnoticed may be all that is required to help them see the problem. If this is not the case and your partner continues to spend more time looking at their phone than they do interacting with you, seeking out therapy may be the next step.


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