Upcycle Cardboard Boxes into a Door Hanger

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I seem to always have an endless supply of cardboard boxes around my house so I decided to upcycle cardboard boxes into decorations and useful crafts. It’s really easy to work with because you can cut it so easily with scissors or an Exacto knife. It bonds well to almost anything with a good glue gun and even the lightest coat of paint will transform the look of any cardboard box instantly.

It has been my newest obsession to upcycle cardboard boxes into decorative items and my latest project is so easy to recreate. I am excited to share how easily you can upcycle cardboard boxes into this cute door hanger.

I already had an abundance of craft supplies in my home but there are always a few things I like to pick up when I find a good deal. Some items can be used again and again for any cardboard box craft. The possibilities seem endless for creating things out of cardboard boxes.

Although I had some items already around the house that I could have used for this project, I picked up a few things to make sure I have plenty of supplies for the next time inspiration strikes. I picked up the following items to make this cardboard box craft and even used the box that some of these items came in to create this door hanger.


Exacto Knife 

Burlap Wired Ribbon 

Artificial Flowers 

Letter Stencil

Hot Glue Gun 


That’s what I love about upcycling, you always have things on hand that can be transformed into something you love. Plus, using cardboard boxes in a new way means that anything you buy for this project will come to your home, shipped in a box and you will have endless supplies for tackling other cardboard box craft projects.

This cardboard upcycle project is as simple as ripping a flap off of a cardboard box and drawing out your design. You can use a stencil to create this part or just do this part freehand.

The next step is to cut out the design, I used an Exacto knife and then a pair of scissors to cut off the uneven edges.

The next step is to paint your upcycle project. I used spray paint for this part because it was fast and offered good coverage. I then glued on some accents like flowers and then made a bow out of ribbon.

I love the way this upcycling project turned out and plan on upcycling more cardboard boxes in the future. I will be sure to share them all and hopefully inspire you to create something wonderful. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss a post.

Have you upcycled cardboard boxes into something wonderful? I want to hear all about it, so let me know in the comments. Happy upcycling!


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