How to Make Soil More Alkaline

8 Easy Ways to Raise the Soils pH Levels

If your soil is acidic and you wish to make it more alkaline, there are several organic soil amendments you can use to easily raise the pH of soil.

Baking Soda

Using household baking soda is a convenient and affordable method to raise soil pH. Get the formula for your garden at


Compost is an absolute game-changer when it comes to boosting the alkalinity of your soil. It’s like a pH superhero with its neutral pH, perfect for bringing balance to overly acidic soil. 


An interesting and lesser-known method to boost soil alkalinity is by using crushed seashells. Seashells contain calcium carbonate, which has the ability to raise the pH of acidic soil.

Oyster Shells

Oyster shell is a natural and readily available source of calcium for your garden. It can be obtained in crushed form from various sources.

Find out how to test your soil using everyday items instead of having to buy a kit from the store.

Learn some more ideas for raising pH levels and making your soil more alkaline! 


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