Tips for organic pest control in vegetable gardens without chemicals

Mulching:  Sprinkle some organic mulch around your precious plants to keep those unwanted critters at bay and lock in that moisture! Mulch acts as a formidable barrier, protecting plants from pests.

Companion Planting: Harness the power of strategic plant partnerships in your vegetable garden.  By intermixing specific plants, you can naturally deter pests and attract beneficial insects. 

Trap Crops:  Outsmart pests with alluring plants like nasturtiums or radishes.  Attract pests away from main crops, then remove them to protect other plants.  It's garden trickery done right!

Natural Barriers:  Shield your plants from pests with row covers, netting, or mesh.  These protective barriers keep insects out while allowing sunlight & airflow. 

Organic Sprays:  DIY pest control! Make homemade sprays with neem oil, garlic, or chili pepper. Repel pests and prevent infestations. Dilute properly and test a small area first.

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