Are Your Tomato Plant Leaves Turning Yellow? Learn These Natural Ways to Make Your Tomato Plants Thrive!

The most common cause of yellowing leaves in tomato plant leaves is nutrient deficiencies. Tomato plants are known for their high nutrient requirements, as they need a sufficient supply to flourish.

Let’s take a closer look at some crucial nutrients and their deficiencies that can lead to the yellowing of tomato plant leaves and answer the question why are my tomato plants turning yellow?

The culprit that is negatively impacting your garden plants could be a lack of nitrogen.  Nitrogen is vital for healthy foliage growth, so when it’s insufficient, the bottom leaves turn yellow.

To combat this issue, consider using an organic fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen, blood meal, or a balanced tomato-specific fertilizer for best results.

Another nutrient deficiency that manifests as  yellowing leaves is magnesium deficiency. When tomato plants lack magnesium, the older leaves typically exhibit interveinal yellowing.

You can rectify this problem by dissolving Epsom salts, a magnesium sulfate supplement, in water and applying it to the base of the plants.

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